Reserved Parking Spot

The winner of the Reserved Parking Spot Raffle 1 is

Kim(Mimi) Bui, parent of Tyler Chu, Grade 6

NOTE: The Parking Raffle 1 is now closed. The Raffle 2 will open in Jan'23.

Are you tired of racing down the streets Or finding a parking space at the drop off and pick up times?

We have a solution to your daily parking dilemma...... We will raffle off one special parking spot, 2 times in this school year, and you, as a winner will get a reserved parking space, so the world knows that it is yours alone.

Where is it located?

It is located on campus in visitor's lot, outside of the transportation office, next to the drive through lot (you will see a sign).

How much is the cost?

For only $50 per raffle all parents have a chance to have a spot reserved on campus for drop off, pick up, school events, or anything else that brings you to the school!

When is the deadline and where will it be done?

Raffle 1 Deadline to enter - By 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Raffle 1 will be done on Harvest Festival Day. Oct 14, 2022 around 4pm.

What are the dates for the reserved parking spot?

Spot Availability Oct 15 - Feb 10

How to enter the raffle?

Please fill the Google Form below and finish your payment via cash, check, zelle (, paypal(evpta)**

When is the next raffle?

Raffle 2 details TBD - Spot Availability Feb 11 - June 10.

** Important:

*Please label your sealed envelopes containing checks or cash as "Parking Space Raffle Draw/ Parent or Guardian Name/Child Name/ Teacher Name/ Grade" and leave it in PTA box in office.

*If your payment method is Zelle or PayPal, please mention "Parking Space Raffle Draw/ Parent or Guardian Name/ Child Name/ Teacher Name/ Grade" in your comments.