Book Fair

March 11, 12, 13 and 15  (Thursday off)

Steam Lab


March 11,12,13,15 (During school hours for classrooms)

March 13 and March 15 (After school 2:30 to 3:30pm for family and friends)

March 14 - Thursday off

NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No Refunds or Exchanges

All proceeds will be donated to the school library.

Setup eWallet

Please go to Scholastic page and login/create account to set eWallet for each child.

eWallet Setup Dates
February 19 - March 15, 2024

Need help?
Watch this video for instructions

Browse Digital Catalog

Watch book trailers with your child in Scholastic's interactive book flyer for a sneak peek of our upcoming Fair.

Shop Online

Starting March 11, please go to Scholastic page to shop online.
(25% of online sales benefit our school)

Online Sale Dates
March 11 to March 24



Sign up here and help us make the event a success. 

Book Fair FAQs

How do I know what time my child's class is coming for purchase?

Please visit the teacher sign up here to see when your child is going to the bookfair to purchase books. 

What mode of payment is accepted?

Cash/Credit card/eWallet

Kids might lose cash. Is there another way to give cash to a child?

An easier way is to setup ewallet for your child to avoid kids losing cash. Please visit scholastic website here and follow instructions.

NOTE: Friends and Family can also contribute to your child's ewallet. Just share the eWallet link.

Can I exchange or return books/items?

Unfortunately, Scholastic does not allow returns or exchanges. All Sales are Final.

Is there a way for parents to get involved?

Great question. We are looking for volunteers to keep an eye out on the books/items and organize the lines. Please see sign up link above.

I am new and do not know what the book fair looks like. Where should I come? and What should I do?

It happens in the steam lab. The timings are listed in the flyer. Parents can purchase books, pens, pencils etc to encourage their kids to read more. See the photos here for an idea on how it looks. 

Can I purchase it for someone else?

Yes, you could definitely purchase for other friends, siblings, cousins etc.

How about my classroom?

That's wonderful. A lot of the teachers put up their wishlist and you could purchase books from their wishlist and donate to your classroom. 

Where does this money go?

All proceeds are donated to our school library.

I am not available during the posted book fair timings in school. Is there an online option? 

Yes, you could purchase them online. Please see above for link. 

I have more questions. Whom do I contact?  

Please email us at or