Project Cornerstone Fundraiser

Project Cornerstone Fundraiser

Below is the link to Evergreen Elementary Fundraiser Page. Our goal is to raise $1500 or more.

2023 Incentives - Help our school raise enough money to earn one of this year’s incentives.

● Raise $1,000 and receive a banner to be displayed anywhere on our school campus

● Contribute $1 per student and each student will receive a bookmark (English on one side and Spanish on the other)

Please review the attached Impact Report for YMCA Project Cornerstone_2022-23. Check out the Project Cornerstone 2023 Annual Campaign FAQ document to understand why they have this campaign, how is the Project Cornerstone Program funded, what is their fundraising goal, etc.

Project Cornerstone 2023 Annual Campaign FAQ.pdf
Impact Report YMCA Project Cornerstone_2022-23 .pdf